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Web Services With PHP Training


Web Services is the most widely use technology in implementing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based enterprise applications. Given that most of the applications that we implement today are aligned towards SOA, it makes sense for all enterprise application developers be familiar with Web Services. This training teaches you how to implement and consume Web Services in PHP. Also including are the details of a number of related technologies that Web Services developers should know about.

Target Groups:

  1. PHP Developers
  2. Those who want to learn Web Services and related specifications that are covered during the training program but has no special interest in implementing Web Services in PHP.


  1. You should be familiar with PHP programming language.
  2. If you are not familiar with PHP but want to learn Web Services and related specifications that are covered during the training (even though you don't care how Web Services are implemented in PHP), you can still join the training.

Communication Language:

English (With Sinhala explanations if requested)


3 full days (~24 Hours)


Kamal Wickramanayake (Profile)

Training Content:

  1. Introduction to Web Services
    • Defining a Web Service
    • Relationship with SOA
    • Web Services usage scenarios
    • Styles of Web Services (RPC, Document)
    • Code-first Vs Contract-first Web Services
  2. HTTP
    • Anatomy of an HTTP request/response
    • HTTP verbs
  3. XML
    • Anatomy of an XML file
    • Validity and well formedness
    • Information set
    • Namespaces
  4. XML Schema
    • Complex types and simple types
    • Anonymous type definition
    • Global, local declarations
    • Namespaces and qualification
    • Occurence constraints
    • Restriction facets
  5. SOAP (v1.2)
    • Anatomy of a SOAP message
    • Usage scenarios (RPC, Conversational, Intermediaries)
    • Header/Header blocks
    • Processing model (role, mustUnderstand, relay attributes)
    • Fault notification
    • Protocol bindings (HTTP, Overview of email)
    • Encoding schemes
  6. Web Services Description Language (v 1.1)
    • What to be described in a Web Service?
    • Abstract and concrete service description
    • WSDL binding styles
  7. WS-Security
    • Transport level security (HTTPS)
    • User name token
  8. RESTFul Web Services
    • Web architecture and Representational State Transfer
    • RESTFul Vs SOAP + WSDL Web Services
    • Implementing RESTFul Web Services
  9. Other Topics
    • Plain-Old-XML (POX) Web Services
    • Communication monitoring and troubleshooting