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An Introduction to Apache Log4j 2

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This page describes a training program that we had conducted based on a special need (A one time seminar that we had offered, a customized training or something similar). Enrollment has been closed. You may request participation to show your interest. Duration, training content and pricing may differ if we reschedule this training program.


Java has several widely used logging frameworks and Apache Log4j 2 is one of them. It is an upgrade to Log4j with many useful improvements. This short training is an introduction to the Log4j 2 framework. If you are a Java developer, here is a quick learning session to get familiar with the configuration and usage of Log4j 2 in your applications.

Target Groups:

  1. Java developers (freshers and seniors) who want to learn how to use the Log4j 2 framework for logging.

Communication Language:



1.5 hours


Kamal Wickramanayake (Profile)

Training Content:

  1. The need for logging in applications
  2. A sample application that illustrates how Log4j 2 is used
  3. Log4j 2 API
  4. Different ways of configuration
  5. Loggers
  6. Appenders
  7. Filters
  8. Async Loggers
  9. Garbage free logging
  10. Performance of Log4j 2