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JavaServer Faces 2

Target Groups:

  1. Java Standard Edition application developers
  2. Java Enterprise Edition application developers


  1. Participants should be familiar with the Java programming language.

Communication Language:

English (With Sinhala explanations if requested)


2 Days (16 hours)


Kamal Wickramanayake (Profile)


  1. This training is delivered with hands-on lab exercises. Participants will get exposed to a number of applications that demonstrates what they learn.

Training Content:

  1. Introduction
    • Overview of different web applications frameworks available
    • How JSF is different?
    • Architecture of a JSF web application
  2. Request Processing With JSF
    • JSF request processing lifecycle
    • UIViewRoot and the FacesContext
    • Different state maintenance methods
  3. Configuration of a JSF application
    • Needed web.xml file configurations
    • XML based configuration
    • Annotation based configuration
  4. Managed Beans
    • Define bean properties and bean scopes
    • Declare beans using annotations/via XML
    • Binding view component properties to managed beans
    • Binding full UI components to managed beans
    • Unified Expression Language (EL)
  5. Navigation Rules
    • Understand the implicit navigation rules in JSF 2.0
    • Understand static and dynamic navigations
    • Configure navigation rules and cases
  6. Converts And Validators
    • Understand the data conversion and validating process
    • Use standard data converters and standard data validators
    • Configure default validators
    • Work with conversion and validation messages
    • Displaying messages in a view
    • Develop custom validators and converters
  7. Using JSF Components
    • Simple components
    • Working with links rendered in different ways
    • Complex components
  8. Event Handling
    • Life cycle (phase) events in JSF
    • Action events
    • Value change events
    • Data model events
  9. Facelets Technology
    • Facelets UI tag library
    • Templating
    • Composite components
    • AJAX tag
  10. Misc
    • Configuring security in JSF web application
    • Using resource bundles