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Enterprise IT Security Threat Risk Modeling


If security of the organization's IT systems is to be improved, the primary step towards that should be the modeling of threat risks. Why would you spend your resources, time, and money on controls with inferior results? Learn how to access risks in a systematic manner so that the security investment is result oriented. This training focuses on characterizing threats with STRIDE and quantifying, comparing and prioritizing risks with DREAD which are popular threat risk modeling techniques.

Target Groups:

  1. IT Managers
  2. IS Assurance Professionals (IS Auditors, Risk & Compliance Professionals,...)
  3. IT Governance Professionals
  4. IS Security Professionals


  1. This training program is not for freshers. Available only for experienced professionals in the field as outlined in the above "Target Groups" section.

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3 Hours


Kamal Wickramanayake (Profile)