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A Practical Introduction to the Domain Name System (DNS)

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This page describes a training program that we had conducted based on a special need (A one time seminar that we had offered, a customized training or something similar). Enrollment has been closed. You may request participation to show your interest. Duration, training content and pricing may differ if we reschedule this training program.


Hosts connected to the Internet communicate with each other using their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The Domain Name System (DNS) is what is responsible for the conversion of human readable host names (like to the associated IP addresses. DNS also maintains the email routing details. It has some email spam prevention features as well.

This training program is a practical introduction to the Domain Name System.


This training is delivered over the Internet. You can join in from a remote location like your home or office. You will need an Internet connection. You need to have speakers/headphones. If there would be a need to speak, a microphone is also needed.

Target Groups:

  1. Website owners, creators and maintainers
  2. System and network administrators
  3. Others interested in learning how the Internet operates


  1. General familiarity with the Internet.

Communication Language:



1.5 hours


Kamal Wickramanayake (Profile)


  1. This training is delivered in a virtual class room (over the Internet).

Training Content:

  1. Host names and IP addresses
  2. The concept of a domain
  3. Domain name registration process
  4. Domain transfer
  5. Hierarchical organization of name server
  6. Primary and secondary DNS servers
  7. Querying a name server
  8. Name resolution mechanism
  9. Reverse resolution mechanism
  10. DNS record caching, refreshing intervals, update propagation delays
  11. DNS record types
  12. Mail routing mechanism
  13. How SPF and DomainKeys work (full details are out of scope)
  14. DNS zone transfer
  15. Sub domains
  16. Sub domain resolution with delegated servers
  17. Glue records
  18. Configuration of a DNS server (Software: Bind9 for Linux)